Always on News

The beauty of working from home is that if you need to have a cry, you can just fucking cry. The world is horrible. A truck driver just mows people down in Berlin. Russian ambassador assasinated in Turkey. Thousands unjustly assasinated in Syria. There’s no relief from the death and torment in this world in a 24 hour, always on, news cycle. Let’s work on bettering that.

I’m trying to do what Bandcamp did for music. What Github did for coders. Lets make that for all digital creators.

Somewhat related, something that really bothered me about big company culture is the lifers. You can tell these people are just so thankful to have made it to the corporate totem pole.

“Like here I am, just let me rest and vest for the next 20 years. Thank you for the money and the healthcare. My soul is dead.”



Martin Nonstatic - Saturn Lights

19 December 2016