Research - Bandhub and is pretty darn cool. The execution is lacking but the idea is cherry. The quality of the mixes on there aren’t that great either but its beside the point. Its a bunch of people making music together who otherwise would not have been able to and thats incredible.

PopChest is a new micro-payments-based video streaming platform that allows producers to monetize their content more effectively than with ad-revenue-sharing schemes like YouTube. This is another dope idea but honestly it feels like a feature and not a platform. You can’t just build one small corner. Thats why YouTube owns. They have the annotations, the community, the analytics, security, copyright deals and the ad ecosystem.

While sites like and PopChest are great, they will not reach mass appeal because of the way they are marketed. There are a lot of people in the world who do not give a shit about the magic behind the medium. Just give them the medium. That said there are definitely niche markets where these can exist. I hope Resonate finds a place in the world because what a beautiful way to distribute art.



29 October 2016