Packaging Music

Today I saw that Ghostly was re-releasing Telefon Tel Aviv’s - Fahrenheit Fair Enough. Alas, it doesn’t really exist anywhere anymore and thats for shame. It is above and beyond my favorite electronic album of all time. Anyways it got me thinking about releasing and packaging music.

I would like to do more research on the history of music distribution. Why are there release dates and track numbers and packages? Who is currently challenging this structure?

More recently we have called music not solely purposed for this packaging, soundtracks. Theres always a ton of overlap so the line isn’t very clear. The music from a high budget media production is often distributed as a separate package. People definitely still have a desire to own music and I think thats why we’ve seen a resurgence in vinyl. Japan still loves cds too. Never ceases to amaze me. They did just get Spotify though so we’ll see how that changes things.

As gadgets become cheaper, it will be interesting to see how music packaging and distribution evolve. Also I’ve been noticing a new startup trend (thanks Google Docs). Take a profession that is desktop and put a web socket on it. Bam They actually did a great job. This is fun to use.

Also 3 days until new Jagwar Ma. Thanks for reading.



21 October 2016