Copyright Sadness

We’re back here at the blockchain can save the music industry discussion again thanks to TechCrunch. I love these discussions and I think anything that strips the distribution layer away from the core will allow for better art to flourish. I really want one of these companies to make it huge. In 10 years it would be great to see something like Bandcamp as the number one music distributor in the world.

No research today other than my normal go round the metal square. The screenshots below are an every day occurence. This will continue to be the norm on the internet until we challenge the structure of our sharing / accrediting the creators. The best part is the second one, Musically. They show you this blip about giving credit to the artist but don’t show you that they’re putting their own watermark in the bottom right. WITH NO ARTIST CREDIT. Ffs if you have the song details you could embed it yourself in the render. Its clearly more important to blast your Musically logo in everyones face. We can do better.

Musically Reddit



Think I might have found my new favorite corner of Instagram.

10 October 2016