The future of video collaboration tools are ones that any common consumer can learn in under a minute and send to their friend without downloading a single piece of software.

Today my friend showed me and Crowd Album. Frame are doing some great things with in browser video management but again I feel like they are very focused on the video professional. Much like Splice is with the music professional. There are quite a few startups that want to be an editor plugin to manage your professional output from desktop software. I don’t think the future is in collaborating with tools that are as difficult to use as Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.

Crowd Album is really just an aggregation tool. There is no collaboration outside of a machine querying a hashtag and someone on the editorial team choosing the events to showcase. Not a bad idea but really boring to be honest.



Machinedrum - Dos Puertas

Phantogram - Same Old Blues

09 October 2016