Let’s talk about They got the video editing part right, I’ll give em that. But they also put a limit on how long the video can be. They’ve created no fun in the platform. Why would I create these videos for you?

Also this text has to be a joke right?


Gotta stay on your toes when making a new platform or else you’ll fall behind. The idea is still fresh regardless of the 100s of other music / video editors that still exist in the world. I did some research and downloaded about 40 mobile video editors for iOS and that was interesting.

Remixee will strive not to be a copyright laden monstrosity. The goal will be to create a modernized infrastructure for distributing content by giving proper attribution, displaying copyright (username / platform) always secondarily and providing proper tooling for copyright infringement protection.

I hope people use the platform to empower communities and inspire fellow humans. Thanks for reading.



Event emitting to get components talking.



Solange - Weary

06 October 2016