Hello again!

After 6 years of false starts, I’ve been full bore the past 2 months on this software project. Just now today, I’m starting a log of thoughts as I create this machine, Remixee. Its interesting to adventure along through a creator’s journey so I’ve decided to notate mine here if anything ever comes of this. My brain is always scattered and full of strong but sometimes broken (aren’t we all) opinions. Here goes nothing. (Disclaimer: Excuse my french, rants, spelling and shitty grammar. This will be mostly stream of consciousness.)

Everything is a remix.

Even this website. Just today on 9.23.16 did I discover the exact same idea was built in 2006. 10 years ago, wow. I totally thought it was fresh, how naive? How did I find all of this out? For some reason I was searching for #pardonsnowden on Twitter and testing my new duration editing functionality. During this testing, I saw a little blip that said powered by SnappyTV! Curious, I found SnappyTV was a video editing tool acquired by Twitter. Google some more and see that the founders had initially created a product called Jumpcut, collaborative video editing in the cloud. My heart literally sank but I was not deterred.

Thank you Wayback Machine! The idea was so similar it was insane to me. Apparently good enough for these guys to go on and run Yahoo’s video division for several years but watch their core idea live a short life as a result of the acquisition. So I just want to say, this ones for you guys. Keeping the dream alive.

Jumpcut in 2006



What is it?

A bunch of friends have been asking me, what is your idea? And quite frankly its always evolving but at the core my goal is to give creators better tools to profit off of their multimedia content. My current focus will be on video and music. This may expand to include other types of content in the future.


The current idea is to use some form of blockchain addressing and social media API authentication to create a monetary link directly back to the uploaders. Using that system along with a tokenized currency platform and open analytics, I hope to be able to create a new monetization strategy for artists. Kinda like Patreon, kinda like Github, and kinda like Youtube but for users to make money and have greater transparency in where their content ends up being placed. This is all evolving as the software is being created.

One monetization idea will be allowing brands to have their content placed among creators videos for a fee. Instead of letting the platforms place content around their videos, creators will handpick where and what they would like to include for money. Another monetization strategy is to charge for ‘embeddability’ of a video collaborated on by verified content owners.

Another one of the main goals of Remixee is to help push copyright law forward. The DMCA was a step in the right direction but if we want to continue to have amazing art shared throughout society, we need to continually innovate on the tools that creators use to monetize their output.


Anyways, this is where I’m at right now. And here’s a Kanye video with the current state of video rendering. Its very early days but my ffmpeg foo has become quite strong.

Thanks for reading. =.+.+.=

Early days for the UI


Videos from Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour on Twitter


Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson

23 September 2016