Getting Started with WebVR and Spatial Audio

09 January 2017

With new found freedom, I can finally explore some creative endeavors that I have put off. As it so happens, one of those revealed itself in an email that landed in my inbox on 12/31. “Envelop for Live” beta now available it read. I have been waiting for what felt like an eternity for that. After attending several Envelop performances over the years, I always wanted to be involved with the software but didn’t have the time or knowledge. Now I can finally explore this beautiful sound sculpting tool. Spatial audio has started to become more popular recently with the advances in VR and what better way to explore both of them than with a little web project. Lets get started.


December Jams

28 December 2016


Always on News

19 December 2016

The beauty of working from home is that if you need to have a cry, you can just fucking cry. The world is horrible. A truck driver just mows people down in Berlin. Russian ambassador assasinated in Turkey. Thousands unjustly assasinated in Syria. There’s no relief from the death and torment in this world in a 24 hour, always on, news cycle. Let’s work on bettering that.

I’m trying to do what Bandcamp did for music. What Github did for coders. Lets make that for all digital creators.